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The First Launch

 Author: R. Mannar Mannan  Category: Payitru Padaippagam  Publisher: Payitru Padaippagam  Published: 2021  Pages: 162  Country: India  Language: Tamil  Tags: Mannar Mannan |

The First Launch book by Syed Hassan and Mannar Mannan

The book enables us to visualize the pinnacle of multiple historical events in rocket science and traces the origin of modern rocketry to India, its birthplace and cradle of multiple global innovations in the past and on track to rewrite the frontiers of innovation in future.

About the Author Syed Hassan:

Syed Hassan is a global technology leader who has worked in large corporations across many continents for more than 25 years.
Passionate about Physics and the latest in IT and space research, he is an expert and an acclaimed speaker on Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Revolution 4.0 in leading academic and industry forums.

With an educational background in Physics, Computer Science and Management, Hassan has brought in facets of rocket science and technology covering the entire spectrum from its origin to the latest trends.

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